Judo Throwing Techniques - Using the Leg and Foot

A written breakdown of related Judo Throwing Techniques
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Throwing techniques, known as “Nage Waza” are an integral part of Judo and Ju-jitsu technique. These are very handy for close contact self defense, and are a regular part of training at the Israeli Martial Arts Academy.Ashi Waza is a category of Nage Waza that refers to leg and foot techniques.

Ashi Waza includes Osotogari, Osoto otoshi and Osoto guruma (to name a few).

Osotogari: Throwing your opponent off balance with a shoulder/head/neck push while stepping in and sweeping the opponents leg that is closest to you. This will result in a take down.

Osoto otoshi: Similar to Osotogari, except that instead of completing a sweep with your leg, you hook your planted leg under your opponent’s leg instead.

Osoto garuma: Similar to Osotogari, except that you widen the reach of your leg and sweep both of your opponent’s legs instead of just one.

It is always important to practice these techniques and take-downs in a safe environment. You should always break your fall and tuck your chin by employing a strong Judo falling technique, known as a "Ukemi."


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