"This place is great! This is my first time ever taking self defense classes, and I love it! Everybody here makes you feel so comfortable and welcome and really encourages you to do better! Not only are you learning some of the most effective self defense you are also getting an amazing work out! Hezi is the best teacher, and I would recommend these classes to anyone! :)!"
Ms. Alexandra Penn

"This is what you need for a child who wants to do martial arts. Maximum range of techniques from karate to jiu jitsu. Hezi is great coach focused on transfer of his knowledge and his invaluable experience to his students!"
Mr. Igor Bassov

"Exceptional !!! I have taken martial arts classes from 3 different places (each with good teachers) in the past 30 years, and this is by far the best ever! Hezi is the instructor and he teaches the best and most practical techniques I have ever experienced !!!

I am currently taking the beginner class, have participated in the mixed advanced/beginner class, and have many positive comments. Please read below:

  1. Like I stated, the techniques taught are fast, and effective.
  2. The workout is incredible! Be ready to sweat like no gym you have ever been to (and the workout time flies by because the it reflects and emphasizes the techniques. No time to be bored).
  3. Very friendly environment.
  4. Maybe above all, Hezi takes a real interest in each individuals development. I have spoken with students who have been there for 1 year and longer and they are bigger fans that I am, which to me ensures that I am not just impressed at first, but have a lot to look forward to !!!
  5. Final point, they offer a free intro lesson so you can get a feel for the class before signing up.

I dare you to find a better self-defense class because you wont !!!"
Mr. Scott S.

"Here you will learn much more than just punching and kicking. Besides my physical shape, this system upgraded also many of my life skills. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYONE!"
Mr. Eliran Refael

"When I began the Israeli Martial Arts Academy nine months ago, I joined to 'just learn a little self defense'.
I quickly fell in love with this place! I found that I was getting SO much more than JUST self defense. Hezi Sheli is an amazing instructor that inspires you to put forth 100% every time you put on your gi! Hezi has taught me control, respect, perseverance, good spirit, along with a myriad of martial arts. Hezi is more than a sensai, he is a mentor and a great friend.

As a female, I thought a mat full of 200+ lb guys and a boot camp style atmosphere would be difficult and intimidating, however, I have been so pleasantly surprised with the way in which all the members have embraced me and encouraged me. We truly are a family! The martial arts style and form I am learning at the Israeli Martial Arts Academy is a far more complete system that I have ever experienced, and I have been part of several gyms, however, this place transcends the boundaries of a typical gym... This place is more than a gym, it is home!

I highly recommend the Israeli Martial Arts Academy to everyone! "
Ms. Vanessa Tsakrios

"I'm a 40 years old average guy,and the best thing i ever did in the last 20 years was to joined the Israeli Martial Art Academy ,and like many others before me,i can only say that for those who wants to train and practice a mixture of judo,jiu-jitsu and karate,and of course regardless of their age, be in the best shape of their life ,then this is the place..!!!

With the guidance and teaching of one of the best practitioner in the I.M.A. Hezi ,a fourth dan black belt, no non sense kind of a guy,with a heart of gold,will take you to a level, where the colour of your belt doesn't matter,but your spirit and dedication. My 9 old daughter has also been taking classes for over a year,and i can honestly see the difference in her physical abilities and state of mind."
Mr. David Zerbib

"I've joined the Israeli Martial Arts Academy almost a year ago. I could go to any other place closer to my home (I live in West Hills) but I've found this place to be the right place. I was overweight and out of shape, a typical couch potato and then I met Hezi the owner. A great guy and amazing instructor with a personal touch that created a place with a family feeling and a boot camp regiment. Today, I am leaner and in great shape.

I am 46 years old and I am sure that I will never be the next Bruce Lee but I am a happy loyal customer and a friend to, Hezi, the place and the system he teach.

If you are looking for the real thing, Hezi is!"
Mr. Udi Menashe

"Great place. If you want to work harder than you thought possible you will learn so much. Boot camp? Hezi is the best! Utz!"
Mr. Rob Weinstock

"That was a great class and I just wanted to thank you again for all your work putting on a great seminar."
Mr. Don Gaffney

"Dennis Survival training has made me a more confident and stronger person, inside and out, and i know that I now have a much greater chance of survival In all aspects of life thanks to this system, I definitely feel like I'm part of a big family, Dennis Survival Is no joke, the training Is tough but very rewarding, this Is the real thing, and I am hooked!"
Mr. Rob Grimes

"The kids are so excited and love "Dennis Survival". They are not only learning but say they LOVE IT."
Mrs. Mandy Ellen


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