Hisardut teaches people how to survive aggravated weapons assaults, other vicious crimes and acts of terrorism. It harmoniously and uniquely integrates all the preferred special elements from martial arts - a mix of Judo, Karate, Ju-Jitsu and other Israeli self-defense techniques - against all threats and weapons.

The system assists its students in all tension-provoking and dangerous situations on various levels. Thus, the Hisardut student will always be prepared and alert. Hisardut is a method that suits everyone in every situation and in every place.

The dynamic combination of various techniques provides the student with an interesting and lively lesson. The lesson contains various techniques of physical training, increasing stamina and body building strengthening, It teaches the basics of self defense techniques along with the system's honor code. The lesson's rhythm changes constantly, thereby creating in the student an ability to be constantly aware at all times.

Hisardut is a martial art developed and combat tested in Israel for the past 60 years. Hisardut is a philosophy of living, based on respect, discipline and self-knowledge. Hisardut principles are respect for God, the flag, parents, teachers, friends and oneself. From these tenets spring behavioral patterns that direct the way we lead our daily lives, make decisions, grasp opportunities and, most of all, enrich our soul and spirit with true, pure values. The Hisardut student knows his or her place in the universe, is proud of his or her nation, a devoted son or daughter, a good, loyal friend and a citizen that contributes to society.

The same principles that guide Hisardut martial arts apply to every walk and stage of life. Students learn to discover their hidden strengths, and to mold their character so that the choices life continuously presents become opportunities for growth.

Every year our Hisardut center in Israel holds an International championship in memory of our fallen friends.


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