Our style teaches people how to survive aggravated weapons assaults, other vicious crimes and acts of terrorism. It harmoniously and uniquely integrates all the preferred special elements from martial arts - a mix of Judo, Karate, Ju-Jitsu, Krav Maga and Hisardut - against all threats and weapons.

The system assists its students in all tension-provoking and dangerous situations on various levels. Thus, the student will always be prepared and alert. We teach a method that suits everyone in any situation and in any place.

The dynamic combination of various techniques provides the student with an interesting and lively lesson. The lesson contains various techniques of physical training, increasing stamina and body building strengthening, It teaches the basics of self defense techniques along with the system's honor code. The lesson's rhythm changes constantly, thereby creating in the student an ability to be constantly aware at all times. Students learn to discover their hidden strengths, and to mold their character so that the adversity that life continuously presents become opportunities for growth.

The Israeli martial arts have been developed and combat tested for the past 6 decades to meet the growing threat of terrorism and violence against civilians.  The unfortunate result of being surround by enemies who want nothing more than to eliminate you is becoming a combat and self defense expert.


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