Suzie Morton


Suzie Morton is a California native, dedicated Wife and a Mother of 2 kids. Growing up, she faced many challenges, big and small but her spirit and “never give up” attitude were essential for her to get to where she is today. Suzie is currently a green belt who has been training on the DSJJ mat since 2014. She participated in and completed the 2nd Dennis Hisardut Instructor Course in 2017. Suzie also competed in the 5th Dennis Hisardut USA Championship where she placed 1st in her category.

Suzie is a DSJJ instructor, teaching the 4-5 year old “mini-chupicks” and the 6-10 year old beginner and advanced child classes. Suzie’s teaching style is bold and passionate, she strives to instill in her students that they are their own warriors that can accomplish anything they put their minds to. She hopes to inspire each child to find their own strength and power. She wholeheartedly believes that a fear of failure should NEVER keep you from trying.

Having two children of her own training within the system, she has seen first-hand how much it can empower them. As a woman and mother Suzie believes that an education in awareness, self-defense and survival skills are essential for everyone.

In addition to teaching on the mat Suzie also teaches creative and inventive skills to children at a local elementary school. With a long-time love of art and design, Suzie has created and operated her jewelry line which she has run from her home for over 10 years.



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