The founder of Dennis Hisardut Jiu-Jitsu, Grandmaster, Kaicho, Dr. Dennis Hanover, has dedicated his life to Israel's security, community, and education (as you can see in the tribute video at the top right corner). His achievements are numerous and wide ranging from lifetime of devoting himself. Dennis is responsible for adding Judo and Karate to the Israeli Macabia (Jewish Olympics). He participated in the first Kyokoshinkai Karate tournament in Tokyo Japan and studied under Master Mas Oyama (Kyokoshinkai founder). Because of his masterful technique, spirit, and performance, Dennis was declared one of the seven best fighters in the world. For the last 25 years Dennis and his pupils have volunteered their time to help children at risk; giving them support, direction, love and moral values. In 2010 Dennis was awarded the highest honor of Living Legend by "The World Head of Sokeship" (Internationally recognized group of martial arts masters and grand-masters).

Last year Dennis turned 80 years old,  as a way to document his life, legacy and accomplishments, he has written an autobiography. Many of his instructors and students have pre-purchased his book to support the expensive and important project. However we are still missing funds necessary to complete the mission.

DSJJ Los Angeles Master, Hezi Sheli is launching the Sharp Edge Project to raise the funds and cover the various publishing costs. This is an international event open to everyone. As you can see on the History Channel's popular show "Human Weapon", Dennis is a knife specialist who owns thousands of different blades (many of them gifts from his dedicated students).

The goal of The Sharp Edge project is to manufacture a series of exclusive knives which will mirror Dennis' image of the perfect practical Israeli combat knife: Each side of the blade sharpened up to the tip, on the bottom a blunt point for striking and lastly a looped hand cord. Only 53 knives will be available, handmade and produced locally in the U.S for DSJJ Grandmasters, Masters, Instructors, students, supporters and collectors. Each knife will include a certificate of authenticity, signed by Dennis himself. This a nonprofit project simply made in order to respect a great man and help his book become a reality.

Our DSJJ LA student Dr. John W. Raede, an accomplished Blade-smith, has volunteered to hand forge the knives from 440C Stainless steel in his blacksmith shop. Dr. Raede has been married for 30 years to Jeanne Raede, and they have two children. Their Son Shane served honorably in the United States Army Infantry as a Ranger, and their daughter Rebecca will complete her undergraduate studies this Spring and begin her pursuit of a Doctorate in Jurisprudence. These handmade blades will be of the utmost quality and a pristine collector’s item with significant sentimental value. Each knife will include a serial number, sheath and certificate of authenticity.

The blades are made from  440C Stainless steel. This metal is famous for its high corrosion/wear resistance, strength and hardness qualities. Among all the stainless alloys, 440C is capable of attaining (after heat treatment) the highest possible hardness (60 HRC). The knives are a combination of  carbon, nickel and chromium elements. This creates a rust resistant, everlasting sharp edge. The metal is first heated to 1,100 degrees F, hand forged and hammered (this process compresses the molecules of the steel). After it's shaped the metal is then heated to 1,500 degrees F and quenched in oil. The oil will cool the knife slower than water hardening and further solidifying the blade to perfection.


The first 000-10 knives sold- $600 plus tax: will come with a signed copy of Dennis’ book and certificate of authenticity

The next 11-20 knives sold - $500 plus tax comes with certificate of authenticity

The next 21-30 knives sold -$450 plus tax comes with certificate of authenticity

The next 31-50 knives sold -$400 plus tax comes with certificate of authenticity

Each individual who buys a knife will have the option to display his/her name, business and website posted in numerical order.

Do not miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of Dennis Hanover’s legacy!

000 - Kaicho Dennis Hanover

00 - Kancho Guy Hanover

0 - DSJJ Israel Student

1 - Mr. Sharon Oren - Maccabee Arms LTD

2 - DSJJ Israel Student

3 - DSJJ LA Instructor: Alex Pronin

4 - DSJJ Israel instructor

5 - DSJJ LA Student

6 - DSJJ LA Instructor: Shane Bulmer

7 - DSJJ Israel instructor

8 - DSJJ Israel Student

9 - DSJJ Israel Student

10 - DSJJ Israel Student

11 - Available

12 - Available

13 - Available

14 - Available

15 - Available

16 - Available

17 - Available

18 - Available

19 - Available

20 - DSJJ Israel Student

21 - Available

22 - Available

23 - Available

24 - Available

25 - Available

26 - Available

27 - Available

28 - Available

29 - Available

30 - Available

31 - DSJJ LA Student:  Alan Abergel

32 - DSJJ Israel Student

33 - DSJJ LA Student: Stephen Clark DPT OCS

34 - DSJJ LA Student: Zak Eckel

35 - DSJJ LA Instructor

36 - DSJJ Israel Student

37 - DSJJ LA Student

38 - DSJJ LA Student: Sasha Blanchard - Trail Magic Adventures

39 - DSJJ Israel Student

40 - DSJJ Israel Student

41 - DSJJ Israel Student

42 - DSJJ Israel Student

43 - DSJJ Israel Student

44 - DSJJ LA Student - Tolly Antseliovich

45 - DSJJ Israel Student

46 - DSJJ Israel Student

47 - Available

48 - Available

49 - Available

50 - DSJJ LA Instructor


Prime Ministers Benjamin Netanyahu, Ariel Sharon and Former Secret Service Director Avi Dichter



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