What will I need to prepare for the first class?

On the day of the first trial class (this goes for all ages) we request that you drink plenty of water throughout the day and eat a balanced diet. Bring with you gym/workout clothes (shorts and a t-shirt are fine), and a water bottle. Lastly we request that all trial class participants arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of their class to receive a tour of the gym and a verbal introduction of the our system.

What is the difference between Hisardut and other Martial Arts?

Hisardut is a martial art developed and combat tested in Israel for the past 50 years. Hisardut is a philosophy of living, based on respect, discipline and self-knowledge. Hisardut is the most effective and original martial arts method known today. It teaches people how to survive aggravated weapons assaults, other vicious crimes and acts of terrorism. It harmoniously and uniquely integrates all the preferred special elements from martial arts throughout the world, Mix Martial Arts of Judo, Karate, Ju-Jitsu and other Israeli self-defense techniques - against all weapons.

How long will it take me to become proficient at defending myself?

To be able to defend yourself properly you need to have a good set of fundamental skills i.e. the ability to move efficiently, the ability to generate strikes that have real power, the ability to control the range and distance between you and an aggressor, good reactions etc. These are skills that are not developed overnight. Hisardut makes sure that these skills are the first thing that a student develops. Our philosophy is not just to present a student with a set of techniques but to instead teach real fighting skills and abilities and develop the person as an individual. Different people develop these skills at different rates and along different timescales, so this is always a hard question to answer. What we can say though is that our training does not cut corners and you will be trained thoroughly and properly. When it comes to street survival and relying on the skills and techniques you have learnt you cannot rush the job of training and developing comprehensively, thoroughly and properly. This is why Hisardut is used by members of the Israeli Special forces they know they can trust our approach to equipping and developing them to the highest standard possible.

How fit do I have to be to practice Hisardut?

Fitness is not an issue; Hisardut is open to individuals regardless of their present fitness level. You will however see rapid improvements in both your cardio-fitness, your core strength and flexibility through your training with us. Because our training comprises a mixture of martial arts you get the specific benefits that each one has to offer e.g. with Judo comes strength, with Karate comes speed, flexibility and power etc. This is one of the great strengths of DSJJ: you learn how to defend yourself AND get fit at the same time.

Will I get hurt or injured learning Hisardut?

Hisardut is a fighting system and therefore involves physical contact however our training presents safety above everything else. Nobody is ever put in a training situation that they are unable to handle or are not ready for. We teach respect in everything we do and this includes the way we train with each other. There is no reason why anyone training with us should get injured we have a better safety record than most amateur sports including football, lacrosse and baseball. If you are at all concerned about this come down and watch a class. You will soon see there is nothing to be afraid of.

Do I need any specific equipment or clothing to train in Hisardut?

Our classes comprise of training with a GI and without. The GI is the traditional white jacket and pants that most martial artists wear. Despite being a modern system (and one used by the Israeli military and special forces) we wear the GI because it acknowledges that most of the time when we are at risk of assault we are wearing clothes. Also we wear a GI to acknowledge that we are part of the warrior tradition and a part of the larger martial arts world/fraternity.

Is this Krav Maga?

That depends on the definition. The immediate translation of this term is hand to hand combat. It is the umbrella term used by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) for all hand to hand combat training. A very rudimentary system was developed, to teach some basic, yet highly effective techniques to the newly drafted soldier, with no martial arts background. That is the system that is promoted around the globe as Krav Maga. On the other hand, there are special units in the IDF, in which that basic elementary system just isn't enough. What is taught there is Hisardut by Grand Master Dennis Hanover, aka, Dennis Survival Jiu Jitsu.

Hisardut is a complete system and not considered to be only an "Israeli self defense system". Learning Hisardut by the Israeli certified instructor (former IDF Elite unit soldier of Palsar Givati) Hezi Sheli will give you the ability to defend yourself on the ground, standing up, against multiple attackers armed with knives, guns, sticks or improvised weapons in a non- threatening environment. You will learn how to disarm the attacker and use his weapon against him, Hisardut is not just self defense, but can be used as offense when necessary. No katas, straight to work (As featured on the History Channel's "Human Weapon").


Human Weapon, Krav Maga episode


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