Daniel Abraham


Daniel Abraham is an American born Israeli who has been an active member of Dennis Hisardut since 2013. He currently attends the gym regularly training under Hezi Sheli and the rest of the instructors. Daniel is 18 and currently attends Moorpark college. He actively trains on the mat while working hard at home and college.

Daniel’s beginning months were exceptionally difficult. He came very out of shape and out of discipline. Slowly but surely, Daniel became fascinated with the system and started training hard. With the help of Hezi, Daniel got into great shape and a brown belt at the age of 18. Daniel also completed the first Dennis Hisardut instructor’s course outside of Israel. He obtained this under his instructor Hezi Sheli, Master Snir ben Ishay and Master Arik Abdush. He chose to be an instructor to help pass on the discipline, knowledge, and the strength he has obtained from the system. As an instructor, he wishes to help everyone he can to become stronger and more confident in him or herself.

Being the youngest of the instructors, Daniel’s goals are set very high. He wants to continue Dennis Hisardut and achieve a black belt. Another one of his goals is to train in Israel and meet Dr. Dennis Hannover, founder of Dennis Hisardut. Educationally, Daniel wants to go to a good college where he would get his engineering degree. After college, he wishes to continue his passion and time in Dennis Hisardut for as long as he can.



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