The Dennis Hisardut system and facilities are not just for martial arts and self defense; it's not just about punch and kick... We are also part of a community based on ethics, integrity and assisting people less fortunate. A main goal for our studio and many Dennis Hisardut gyms is to bring people together and build a strong community. Every year the gym hosts fundraisers to help children in need.

2014: The gym participated in a 50 round sparring fundraiser lasting one minute per round. This event was meant to help youth at risk in Israel. With the money that we raised from this event, these troubled kids were given a chance to strive for a better future.

2015: The gym participated in another sparring fundraiser consisting of eighty rounds lasting one minute per round. This event raised money to helped Asaf Yasur. Asaf is an Israeli teenager that lost both of his arms after being electrocuted. The goal of this fundraiser is to help Asaf purchase prosthetic limbs.

2016: The gym sponsored a sparring event to raise funds for Ron Kahlon. A 13 year old fighter in the Israeli Ramat Gan Dennis Hisardut Gym; Last year Ron was diagnosed with a medical condition which attacked his heart and brain. Eventually the disease deteriorated his joints which ultimately inhibited extremity movement. With our $3,000 donation result as well as the other funds raised internationally, the Dennis Hisardut community was able to provide for Ron the treatment necessary for him to make a recovery.

2018: Fighting for our Heroes - The gym will be raising funds for the firefighters who heroically protected our homes during the Woolsey fires over Veteran's day weekend.  These brave men and women do not receive enough recognition for the incredibly precarious job they perform day in and day out. It's time to give back! This will be another sparring event open to the teens ages (10-15) and adult classes.

Date: 12/06/18

Teens (ages 10-12 & 13-15) - 5:30pm, 50 sparring rounds (one minute per round)

Adults (Beginners and Advanced) - 7:00pm, 90 sparring rounds (one minute per round)

The minimum donation is $20 to participate.


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