Date: 10.27.19

Opening Ceremony 10:00AM - Doors Open at 9:45AM.

For the 6th time in the U.S., we will have a truly authentic Israeli martial arts championship based on the past competitions.

The rules will be identical to our previous events: kids junior (4-6), kids (6-10), teens (10-16), adults, and adults over 35.

Yellow belts (or students testing for yellow belt), ages 6 and older are invited to compete in the championship.

Students who do not meet the above prerequisites who wish to compete are welcome to send a request via email. -

All fighters must weigh in during the week of 10/20/19, afterwards they will be placed in categories according to their age and weight. All participants are required to wear full protective guards during the competition (Hand Guards, Shin Guards, Mouth Guard and Groin Cup for boys).

The program will also include cutting edge Israeli self defense demonstrations.

Students who are not competing will still participate in the event. Everyone in the Kids ages 6-10 and Teens classes will perform separate class demonstrations. Please be sure that all students attend the championship to take part in the event.

After the kids/teens competition we will acknowledge the hardest training students of 2019 in a special ceremony: we will be presenting awards to students of the year, these awards will be given to only the top students in the classes who deserve to be acknowledged for their hard work regardless of the competition results. A top student is one who trains consistently and shows dedication/respect. An individual who trains with full focus and spirit throughout all of their classes, only one to three students will be selected from each class.

In the championship only "IMMA" fighters will be allowed to compete. Family and guests are welcome to attend and watch.


Fighter - $40 

Guest - $25

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There will be a food truck outside.

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